Grow Capacity Ensure AB5 Compliance Keep Owner-Operators Onboard

AB5 will effectively change the way you handle your operations. LoadStop has engineered new solutions that allow you to make a smooth transition into California's new normal with greater efficiency and transparency.

Adapt To AB 5 With Technology

AB5 does not have to slow your growth. LoadStop has engineered a powerful suite of tools to help you continue your operations uninterrupted, without added costs and complexity.

One-Window Brokerage Enabled Carrier TMS

Whether you are dispatching your own trucks or brokering loads out to other external carriers, LoadStop is the one system that allows you to manage hundreds of loads and transactions with one tool from anywhere, at any time. Easily select the best carriers and establish long-term relationships with your partners.

Operate The Way You Want

Introducing features that open a new door for collaboration possibilities. Focus on scaling your business and let LoadStop manage all your activities, loads, and assets. Manage multiple entities and handle thousands of transactions with greater speed and efficiency.


Companion Pay

Ensure AB5 compliance with an innovative new pay model designed specifically for owner-operator settlements. Connect your business to multiple accounting systems with independent rules on deductions and reimbursements.

Multiple Organization Types

A flexible system to create different organization types within a business. Become more dynamic, strategize operations more efficiently and maintain system visibility across a multi-organizational setup.

Flexible Accounting

A simple, yet powerful tool that can handle different sources of information. Dynamically select the accounting source and destination for any organization entity within the business.

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