Being one of the fastest-growing Trucking Software companies, the culture at LoadStop is a unique blend of agility, creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity. Our most valuable asset is our amazing team that includes passionate individuals with different backgrounds, ideas, and life experiences. The collective imagination of these individuals has resulted in exponential business growth and has made LoadStop a dream company to work for.

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Our Story

How It Started – Truckers Meet Techies

Hailing from a family of truckers, an IT enthusiast along with two seasoned IT professionals envisioned a digital solution to transform trucking. The goal was to design an advanced, easy-to-use, one-window solution to ensure the smooth movement of trucks and resolve all the difficulties faced by truckers once and for all.

100+ Clients and Counting

We are proud to say that LoadStop has garnered approval and appreciation from the truckers and the IT community. As of now, LoadStop is powering more than 10,000 trucks and is trusted by leading trucking companies. Our teams are expanding at an incredible pace and the promising numbers are also attracting some major investors in California.

What Future Holds For Us

The dynamics of the trucking industry are ever-changing and technology is evolving at an incredible pace. That is why the dedicated Research and Development teams at LoadStop spend a great amount of time ensuring that our solutions stay ahead of the curve and address all the challenges that arise with changing times and business circumstances.

Awards & Recognition

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