Find the loads to haul using advanced digital technology. Single window load sourcing from multiple loadboards.

No more guesswork! Specify the markets you want to serve and discover all possible lanes for a driver based on real-time HOS and current conditions. Reduce deadhead miles and save on fuel costs. Our robust transportation management software automatically scores and rates loads based on your preferences.

Load Sourcing

Fleet Planning

Create Multiple Fleet Plans based on freight markets, load types, load preferences, seasons, and driver cycles. Get intelligence on changing market dynamics.

About LoadStop

Fleet Scheduling

Dynamic scheduling based on real-time events. Automatically Identify the best lanes for the next haul, based on a fleet plan, market conditions, and committed loads.

Truck Posting and Sourcing

Automatically post truck capacity and send emails to broker/shipper networks. Intelligent Bots search for loads 24/7 in partner networks and load boards based on fleet schedule.

About LoadStop

Load Scoring and Checklist

AI-based sourcing decision engine which curates good vs bad loads based on market intelligence, real-time fleet state, and 20+ configurable factors to identify the most profitable loads for you.

Bid & Offer Processing

Automatically send Quotes/Bids that are intelligently guided by present market rates and user-configurable business rules.

About LoadStop

Achieve Best Possible Outcome

Provisioning real-time competitive information to engage optimal negotiation on markets. Machine Learning-based algorithms, powering the decision trees, making every outcome smarter than the last one.

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