Score Profitable Loads, Communicate & Negotiate With Brokers More Efficiently With LoadStop

Find, negotiate, and finalize loads all from a single window. With multiple loadboard integrations, you can find the right loads, reach out to brokers efficiently & maximize your profits.


Find The Best Loads With Multiple Loadboard Integrations

LoadStop subscription comes with multiple loadboards that include DAT, TruckStop, Convoy, LoadSmart, Uber Freight, and more.

Find loads in the markets you want to serve and create intelligent fleet plans based on freight markets, load types, load preferences, seasons, and driver cycles.


Automated Truck Posting & Load Searching

Automated truck capacity posting and load searching allow you to be one step ahead of your competitors. LoadStop posts the availability of your trucks on the loadboards so that the customers can reach out to you.

LoadStop's intelligent bots search for loads 24/7 in partner networks and load boards based on your fleet's schedule ensuring there are no missed opportunities.


AI-Powered Load Rating Engine

LoadStop not only finds the loads for you but helps you analyze the profitability of the loads. AI-based sourcing decision engine measures good vs bad loads based on market intelligence, real-time fleet state, and other configurable factors to find you the most profitable loads.


Automated Daily Truck Capacity Emails

Keep your contacts posted with your truck capacity every day. LoadStop eliminates the need for calls by sending automated emails to your existing contacts on a daily basis. Let them know about the capacity available and loads you can haul via an automated email system.

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