Maximize Service Efficiency & Ensure Timely Deliveries With Real-Time LoadTracking Solutions by LoadStop

Real-time end-to-end visibility of your fleet and shipments. With seamless ELD integrations, LoadStop allows you to track the location of your drivers, trucks, and loads anytime, anywhere from a single window.


Real-Time Connectivity With HOS

Now you can track driver HOS with ease and accuracy. Charged with powerful ELD integrations, LoadStop helps you get rid of paper log errors and increase driver productivity while complying with hours of service rules. Improve safety and allocate drivers more efficiently with real-time data.


LTL Tracking

LoadStop’s advanced tracking module allows you to track and monitor each leg of the shipment individually.


Customizable Status Update Method

Keep your customer informed. The customizable status update feature allows you to send shipment updates to the customers either automatically, or manually through the system.

Temperature _TrailerTracking

Risk Management With Automatic Geo-Fencing

Benefit from LoadStop's advanced geo-fencing technology. With live tracking and real-time updates, you can now be aware of loads that are not going to make it on time. This will help you provide accurate information to your customers and update appointment times if needed.


Split Load Tracking

LoadStop’s advanced real-time tracking tracks each leg of a split load individually, so you always have eyes on every part of the shipment.

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