Pay Your Drivers Promptly & Accurately With Simplified Driver Settlement Solutions by LoadStop

LoadStop supports all kinds and combinations of driver settlement models. Powered with advanced technologies, LoadStop offers an easy and automated solution for company driver settlements, owner-operator settlements, and partner carrier settlements.


Company Driver Settlements

Driver settlements have never been easier. LoadStop’s smart and intuitive driver settlement tool maintains all the information and data within the driver profile.


Owner-Operator Settlements

LoadStop helps you foster long-term relationships with independent freight transport drivers by allowing you to pay them accurately and on time. Load Stop eliminates all the hassles of account management as it automatically brings deductions ( recurring & nonrecurring) and associated payment transactions to the driver settlement.


Partner Carrier Settlements

Generate settlements for multiple partner carriers with just a few clicks. LoadStop simplifies the process and ensures 100% accuracy so you don't have to do all the complex math. Just enter all the details and LoadStop will settle all your partner carriers within minutes.


Choose Any Payment Settlement Structure

Different drivers prefer different remuneration models. In addition to the regular pay per mile payments, LoadStop supports all kinds and combinations of driver settlements models such as pay-per-hour, pay-per-load, pay-per-trip, % of revenue, pay per week, and more.


Batch Settlements

LoadStop cuts on your administrative tasks by allowing you to create settlements for multiple drivers with a single click. LoadStop offers a fast and simplistic solution to an otherwise time-consuming and painstaking process.

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