Fleet Management Challenges That LoadStop Smart TMS Can Solve.

Fleet Management Challenges That LoadStop Smart TMS Can Solve.
Almost 80% of the fleet managers rely on fleet management software to help support their day-to-day trucking operations. Where fleet business is a hard venture to pursue, fleet management is an arduous job. It’s easier said than done. However, numerous metrics are involved while you are managing a fleet.

Let’s say ….. !

If you are a trucking company operating 5000+ trucks, your fleet manager needs some kind of fleet management system to help them perform their fleet operations with ease, take control of the entire lifecycle of commercial vehicles alongside reducing associated costs, risks, ensure compliance with legislation and improve productivity. If this sounds of value to you, continue reading to control your fleet chaos

It's imperative to remain prepared with every fleet management challenge because managing a large amount of data insights manually is beyond one’s capacity. Especially, when you are tied up with other operational tasks,it is easy to lose track of how your drivers are performing? How much fuel is consumed per vehicle? Or any sort of compliances to be monitored?

Even if you’ll try to single handedly manage an entire fleet of assets without aid of technology, you may end up frustrated, overcommitted and fighting an uphill battle.

The best way to overcome these stumbling blocks is by leveraging autonomous and digitally powered fleet management software that can give you 360 visibility, automation and AI technology. LoadStop is the one and only AI-focused and cloud based solution that will help you manage most of the nerve-racking duties.

If you have a chance to grab LoadStop to enhance efficiency and deliver peace of mind, without even blinking, go for it.

Automatic Route Planning
Manual indentation of vehicles is _in truth_ time taking and error prone activity that requires a lot of attention. It fosters a need for applications that can help fleet owners to access data on service history, track the low traffic routes to reach destination on time and maintain compliance records.

Why choose multiple applications ? when you have one solution to all your fleet management operations, LoadStop.

Its extremely easy-to-use interface automatically plans the best routes for your fleet and dispatches them to mobile apps with built-in navigation. Thus eliminating the manual errors and saving your time.

Easy Calculation of Fuel Cost & Consumption
Fuel costs account for about 62% of the operational budget which makes it difficult for fleet owners to keep up with fuel consumption and costs when prices ( current average price 1.53 U.S. Dollar) fluctuate overnight. Of course, it's a never-ending battle trying to predict and reduce fuel costs when they change inconsistently.

Fleet Fuel Card Integrations
Fuel maintenance and monitoring must stay on top priority based on reports of its inconstant usage, downtime and alerts.

LoadStop offers fleet fuel cards to collect fuel consumption data instantly that saves your time of waiting for drivers to visit and submit receipts (suspected to be lost or damaged soon). Not just this, with these cards, you can easily verify the fuel spent for your fleet.

We have partnered with Samsara, NAPTA and ELD MANDATE, WAX, EFS, COMDATA, QuickBooks and NetSuite, to help you centralize your entire fleet into one secured platform and have seamless transactions automatically imported into the system. You can even track driver performance, idle time and route planning to help reduce fuel costs.

Super Quick Calculation of Your IFTA Taxes
Well ! No one enjoys paying the taxman. But at last you’ll have to. No matter what, you are as busy as bees, but have to give some time to generate an IFTA taxes report which is another vexing chore fleet managers have to do.

No worries, we’ll keep you out of trouble with auditors, generate IFTA (International Fuel Tax Association) reports. LoadStop secured AI platform will fetch all the data with one single click and figure out how much you owe, simplify all the calculations and promptly make payments of your IFTA taxes. Ultimately, it will help keep you out of trouble with auditors and enable every aspect of your business to run more smoothly.

Real-Time Status of Order
Lack of recent updates and having no access to complete fleet information leads to bad customer experience. To keep a track of order statuses is one of the major challenges faced by the fleet owners.

Without a proper fleet management system and lack of order status information, it is very difficult to make accurate decisions. LoadStop solves this problem too for you. With LoadStop Smart TMS, you can get real time updates and notifications right into your inbox where you cannot just check order status, ETA/Delays, geo-fence, breach etc. but also can perform proper tracking with proactive intimation to bring your customers a sigh of relief.

Let Us Be Your Next Fleet Management Solution Provider
LoadStop is an end-to-end solution for all the fleet management challenges you might face in coming days. It will help you handle all those pesky administrative tasks, so you can entirely focus on excellent customer service, saving you the money and making customers and drivers HAPPY at once.

Good management is an art of creating a balance between problems and solutions. Problems you had previously, have currently or will have in the future, and one stop solution is here.

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