Run Your Business More Efficiently with a Freight Broker TMS

A brokerage-enabled carrier TMS makes your business more organized, profitable, and relevant to your customers. With the help of a good freight broker TMS, you can significantly grow your business and reduce costs. That is why most trucking companies use a brokerage-enabled carrier TMS to run their business smoothly.

In fact, a freight broker TMS is a solution that is specifically designed to help manage and operate freight brokerage businesses efficiently. This solution provides tools to help streamline daily operations, offer complete visibility into shipments, and automate every single step of the supply chain.

An effective TMS can help freight brokers find the right trucking company for each shipment and ensure all documentation is completed accurately. A robust TMS system connects every aspect of the supply chain, helping you meet customer orders and effectively fulfill market demands.

Freight brokers can improve their business operations by using transportation management software, providing them with transparent communication, service, and connection.

Running Your Business More Efficiently with a Freight Broker TMS

By all means, a brokerage-enabled carrier TMS helps you streamline your day-to-day business operations and lets you manage the details of your customer accounts by storing all the customer information in a one-window online platform.

A good freight broker TMS improves planning and decision-making by helping you identify the most efficient transport options based on important business factors such as lead time, cost, number of stops, and much more.

Moreover, a TMS expedites your billing and payments processes, helps you manage audit freight bills, and lets you derive several reports that you need to control the financial aspects of your trucking business.

Benefits of Brokerage-Enabled Carrier TMS

When integrated with the right transportation management solution, a freight broker can benefit in many ways. Let us discuss some of the main benefits of a brokerage-enabled carrier TMS.

Improve Visibility Across the Supply Chain

A modern brokerage-enabled carrier TMS improves visibility across the supply chain as it minimizes supply chain interruptions by automating communications and providing real-time visibility into shipments across modes of transportation and multiple parties. You can get real-time shipment updates and access information such as ETA, load status, and recent locations.

With the help of real-time data, the shipper, receiver, and all other third-parties involved in the supply chain can get real-time visibility into all aspects of a shipment, from its pickup point to the final delivery. The TMS directly communicates with carriers through EDI or emails.

Minimize Errors and Improve Business Accuracy

Freight brokers can minimize errors in the billing and accounting process and improve business accuracy by using effective TMS software. With the help of freight broker TMS, companies can obtain information about the carrier, route, consignee name, delivery method, the date of the shipment, and weight in pounds or kilograms. That way, they can get accurate quotations with a simple button click.

Another good thing about using a brokerage-enabled carrier TMS is that it keeps the company organized as it creates a uniform system to operate the business operations. TMS software is an invaluable tool for any freight broker looking to reduce errors, improve business accuracy, save money, and streamline operations. TMS reduces manual tasks and paperwork, letting human resources focus on core tasks of the business.

Automation of Tasks

Freight brokers can take advantage of TMS in many ways, one of which is the automation of tasks. Freight brokers can automate several processes and reduce the amount of time they spend on administrative tasks.

Using TMS software can reduce or sometimes even eliminate plenty of repetitive work related to accounting, billing, and invoicing. This can help them reduce costs spent on a lot of administrative work. Automation can help freight brokers streamline their business processes, improving workflow.

Increased Productivity

Another reason freight broker TMS is becoming increasingly popular in the trucking industry is that it helps increase the productivity of freight brokers. The capability of TMS to schedule and optimize loads allows freight brokers to manage the workflow more efficiently and increase worker output consequently.

Freight brokerage companies can optimize their business operations with little effort through automation and online access while improving customer service through increased business efficiency. All this can happen if they start using TMS.

TMS also offers advanced communication features, helping freight brokers effectively communicate with their customers. This also results in increased productivity. On the other hand, effective TMS software integrates all aspects of the supply chain into a single platform, making it easier for freight brokers to track and manage their loads and shipments. This also enables them to provide accurate quotes on shipping charges in advance to their customers at any time.

Improved Decision-Making

Through real-time analysis, freight brokerage businesses using TMS can see how their decisions impact the bottom-line. This can help them make better decisions, leading to a better streamlined and profitable business.

With the help of advanced data analytics, they can learn which shipments are worth investing in and which loads are more profitable for them. Through TMS, they can identify which areas need improvement within their business. For instance, they can decide the most effective route for efficient delivery.

Offer Better Customer Service

By setting a good TMS in place, freight brokers can offer better customer service to their customers. Freight brokerage business owners or managers can track shipments from beginning to end and know the shipment status or cost. This can help them timely update their customers. Even the data entry process becomes more accessible and accurate.

Cloud-based TMS software such as LoadStop can be used as a brokerage-enabled carrier TMS as it helps freight brokers offer better customer service by automatically printing labels and work orders for drivers, thus saving time and money.

When a TMS is implemented correctly, it can offer freight brokers a quick return on investment (ROI). With the help of TMS, freight brokers can add more users as the business grows and starts dealing in more shipments. Effective TMS software stores all the customer information in one platform, streamlining your operations and workload.

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