Top 5 GPS Systems for Fleet Management and GPS Fleet Tracking

Modern-day GPS for fleets does more than track your vehicles, depending on the type of services you get. A GPS fleet tracking system these days will monitor speed, check engine health, comply with laws and regulations, monitor driver behavior, and more. Those in the trucking industry, especially fleet owners with multiple trucks on their roster, need GPS tracking services to manage their fleets properly.

Thanks to the technology, those with a fleet management GPS tracker system are better able to monitor their drivers' behaviors and are more likely to better maintain their vehicles. GPS for fleet tracking systems also helps you notify your customers of the progress of their loads in real time. There are numerous uses for a GPS tracking system, which we will discuss later in this report. For now, let's shift our focus toward the best GPS for fleet tracking systems.

Best Fleet GPS Tracking Systems


Those with a small fleet and less technical know-how can benefit from Samsara’s robust and simple platform. Samsara provides you with real-time GPS for fleets tracking capabilities. This eliminates the guesswork, you can easily calculate the exact delivery time and your customers will enjoy the accuracy.

Samsara offers some really important features like route optimization, fleet maintenance traffic alerts, and geofencing. It also enjoys a good reputation in the industry for its GPS for fleet tracking services. 


  • Unique driver safety features 
  • Accurate fuel tracking
  • Tracking data refresh rate every 30-60 seconds
  • Load matching


  • A new addition to the software has to be coded 
  • There are much cheaper options available
  • Prefers lengthy contracts, 3-5 years long


The prices depend upon the size of the fleet and the requirements of the customer in question. But it typically begins at around $27 per vehicle a month. People can also avail of a free 30-day trial of their services. 

Verizon Connect

Verizon is one of the best fleet GPS tracking systems with a great reputation in the industry. It has customizable solutions, and the software is fairly easy to use. They offer both hard-wired tracking devices and plug-and-play solutions. Verizon provides features that are particularly helpful for mid-sized fleets. You can use the software in multiple languages and time zones, customize alerts, and have custom security levels for unlimited users. 

Verizon Connect provides features such as color-coded maps and highlights of all important aspects of the journey, such as speeds at different points, where the semi-truck stopped, and more. You can activate geofencing and can view the location of vehicles in real-time. 


  • Rates drivers according to a scoring system
  • Can send road closure and accident alerts 
  • Collects and categorizes data
  • Easy to install
  • Data is connected to the mobile app


  • Is comparatively more expensive 
  • They want long-term contracts


Not all customers get the exact rate; when you go to their website, you are asked about your fleet size and the services you want to use. You are then given a quote according to what you need. Typically, each vehicle costs between $50 to $250 per month. 


Those looking to improve their fleet driving standards should most definitely avail of Azuga’s GPS tracking for their fleets. It provides fleet owners with non-customizable reports that give them accurate information. Their GPS tracking system was built to prioritize driver safety. 

The drive-safe mode allows you to block all smartphone notifications while the vehicle is on the go; they also provide video coaching for those with a poor driving record. You can, through add-ons, avail of the SafetyCams integration feature, which records any dangerous behavior.

The features provided by Azuga depend on the package you claim, so that prices can vary. You can set your data refresh times according to your needs, ranging from 30 seconds to every 59 minutes. Azura provides vehicle stats which are important for maintenance. But most importantly provides event reconstruction, where after an accident, the app collects data before and after the event to reconstruct the entire accident.


  • Detailed record log for the last 90 days
  • Fuel card integration is available 
  • Fuel saver add-ons direct users to the cheapest nearest petrol stations
  • Vehicle maintenance 
  • Event reconstruction


  • Add-ons can be very expensive
  • A free trial is only available for large fleet owners  
  • Doesn't provide accident reporting 
  • Maintenance scheduling is an add-on cost, while others give it for free
  • The cheapest package is very basic


There are 3 tiers of packages with basic features and add-ons that require extra payment. The price ranges between $25 to $35 per vehicle/month.



This GPS for fleet management is brilliant for those who are new to the trucking business. Because, unlike other tracking services that prefer lengthy contracts, GPStrackit provides its users a monthly payment option. It is also a comprehensive GPS-tracking solution with all the required features a fleet owner may need.

The device is a simple plug & play, it can monitor driver behavior, monitor fuel consumption, provide vehicle maintenance information, and it also gives alerts like poor driving behavior. You can also avail of geofencing services 


  • Monthly payment option
  • Provides unlimited live training 
  • Fuel cards can be used in any place that accepts MasterCard
  • ELD compliance availability 
  • Refreshes every 30-60seconds 


  • Can only monitor fuel spending through fuel card
  • Does not track weather conditions in route planning
  • Driver dispatch services cost extra


What I like most about GPStrackit is that they are transparent regarding their pricing. Most companies are subtle about their pricing and try to hide it, providing quotes in emails after you have provided them with information. 

GPStrackit does not have any contract requirements, and you pay $23.95 per month. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and have no activation fees. 


This has to be the most environmentally friendly GPS tracker on the market. Quartix provides its customers with short 12-month contracts, three affordable price plans, and a great interface. This is a very simple solution for fleet owners. Its fuel tracking feature also comes with insightful CO2 tracking. 

The CO2 tracking lets you know when your trucks are burning more fuel than they should, and in this era of environmental sustainability, the feature is a blessing. You can also validate working hours through their driver sign-in feature, receive geo-fencing alerts, provides poor driving alerts, and more. They are most liked by their customers for their excellent customer service.


  • Very affordable price plans
  • Provides short contracts of one year
  • A good option for newcomers and small fleet owners
  • Great customer support
  • There is a free demo


  • No ELD compliance
  • No theft prevention 
  • Refresh time is slow
  • No driver communication application


There are 3 tiers of price planning, and surprisingly they are all cheap. The cheapest package is $14.90 per vehicle per month, the mid-tier package is $18.90 per vehicle per month, and the most expensive one is $22.90 per vehicle per month.

Did you happen to know about LoadStops Load Tracking ELD Integration Feature?

LoadStop helps fleet owners by providing an all-in-one truck management solution. Through ELD integrations LoadStop tracks your trucks, loads, and drivers' location through your desktop or mobile device. 

It also helps you track HOS, and you can easily access previous records to manage your data as you, please. You can also track your loads in set segments; this helps you inform your customers about the progress of their loads with more details. These updates can be sent to your customers manually and automatically. 

Another important thing the LoadStop ELD integration provides is Geofencing and predicted time of arrivals. Which is extremely important in the modern era and helps keep your customers happy.


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