Fuel report

IFTA Filing

LoadStop simplifies complex IFTA report filing for you by automatically calculating the distance traveled and fuel purchased by jurisdiction. With increased accuracy and simplified IFTA math, truckers and fleet managers no longer have to worry about IFTA filings.


Fuel Purchase Management

Log the entire fleet’s fuel data with ease. LoadStop helps you keep track of all fuel purchases by allowing you to easily import all data from your fuel card vendor and map it against the respective truck and driver. You can add fuel cards data, track all discount information and get insightful reports on overall fuel purchases.


EDI Integration

Electronic Data Interchange Integration allows trucking companies to standardize, automate and simplify critical data exchanges efficiently and fast. Powered with EDI integrations, LoadStop eliminates the need to manually enter information into the dispatch operational systems. The data can be shared rapidly with relevant parties and business partners.


DOT Inspection & Violation Tracking

LoadStop helps truckers easily manage all the documents and records associated with DOT inspections. Now you can easily meet compliance by having all the critical data at your fingertips. You can also import data from FMCSA to ensure that you are aware of all the violations.


Expense Management

LoadStop simplifies the trucking company's expense management process by allowing you to track and have full visibility of your entire business expenses. You can log every expense along with the details. Identify cost-saving opportunities by keeping a close watch on all your spending.


EFS / Comdata / BVD Integration

LoadStop supports three top-of-the-line financial fleet technology integrations that include Comdata, EFS & BVD. With a fully charged TMS, you can easily issue, track and manage all checks from a singular system.

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Customer Management

A comprehensive customer management tool designed specifically for trucking companies. Easily log all the details as well as manage & maintain the entire data surrounding your customers in a single window.


Invoice Collection Management

LoadStop makes it easy for you to collect pending payments. Add all customer contact details to easily track pending invoices and send reminder emails to your customers directly from the system.


Claims Management

A singular system to create, manage and track the status of all your insurance claims. With an integrated claims system built for carriers, you get the most out of your claims by easily logging all the details. Manage the proofs of all incidents with efficiency.

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