How LoadStop is Adding Value in the Logistics and Trucking Industry?

Whenever you’re at cross purposes to move customer freight and try to get the best margins for your business, speed and accuracy in data are quick fixes. At baseline, a lot of questions leap to mind in particular, what types of trucks are available ? What sort of loads are required? Will we be able to comply with the deadlines? And how the driver tracking would be monitored? it remains a challenge to rationalize transportation execution. And life is all about accepting the challenges along the way and unlocking the valuable solutions to streamline the operations.

Trucking industry is one the largest industries in the United States that moves billions of dollars of goods from one place to another across the country. And, a myriad of challenges are always there to hamper them from meeting their full potential. No doubt, this industry is strong and resilient to overcome these challenges. The best way to combat challenges is to protect the investment through the selection of a feature-rich, yet powerful Transportation Management platform that uses Cloud, AI and IoT.

And that’s none other than “ LoadStop”; world’s first digital carrier platform with autonomous dispatching technology, a one stop priceless solution that settles all constraints related to manual tasks, freight matching, fleet planning, ELD mandate, business analytics, EDI, maintenance, compliance and accounting and much more.

Some big names in the Trucking Industry like “Cargo Solutions Express, Gillson Trucking Inc and PrimeLink Express, have streamlined and automated their business workflows, and seen significant savings on deadhead miles, detentions and compliance since the adoption of LoadStop.

Communication gap between the shippers, brokers and freight carriers during a freight delivery is resolved with another LoadStop unique feature i.e Visibility 360. LoadStop uses ELD data and through geofencing and its proprietary algorithm it can automatically send milestone updates to customers. Now the carriers, brokers and shippers can communicate easily and effectively. Users can set up alerts in the system for compliance, maintenance, safety, risks, or for late deliveries.

Numbers Speak Itself

Carriers who adopted LoadStop TMS found a remarkable decrease (90%) in operational errors, 90% compliance & safety, 75% late deliveries declined, fleet utilization increased by 15- 20%, load lead volumes raised by 10x and 50% reduction in deadhead miles.

Whether you’re a high-volume growing carrier or brokerage expanding your operations, LoadStop is there to help you remove barriers to improve processes. Checkout LoadStop what more it offers and subscribe to our blog to stay updated with the latest news in industry.
How LoadStop is Adding Value in the Logistics and Trucking Industry?

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