Live Gps Tracking - Helping You Run Fleets Smartly With Real-time Data

Modern trucking companies have set the standards for the future of trucking. Customers now expect better transparency regarding their loads. Moreover, truck dispatchers also require real-time tracking, to create more profitable schedules. When a company does not know the location of its vehicles, it has to operate based on assumptions and this can often have a negative impact on its business reputation. As people are often not able to deliver what they had promised. 

Semi-truck GPS tracking is no longer an extra service; it is a necessity of the industry. When you have a proper TMS with integrated GPS, then it becomes all the more beneficial. Because a proper TMS has the AI power to make the most of the given data without supervision, making life all the more easier at the office. 

Here are 8 ways GPS truck tracking helps your business:

1. Better Route Planning:

Through live GPS truck tracking devices, a manager has complete knowledge of where his/her drivers are at all times. So if, for example, a load order comes in, the fleet manager can choose the vehicle nearest to the pickup location to save fuel and time. Moreover, it gets easier to re-route fleet drivers in case of any accident or traffic jam. Having live GPS tracking also provides proof of the exact delivery and pickup time. 

2. Reduces Fuel Consumption:

When you have live fleet tracking, you can choose drivers that are closest to the pickup location; this reduces high-empty miles. Moreover, when you have tracked multiple loads, you have enough data to create more efficient routes. Another advantage is that you have an idea of what semi-truck is more profitable for what type of load. 

You can also identify poor driving habits like overspeeding or harsh braking; identifying and fixing these issues will improve overall mileage. By defining routes with less traffic or shorter distances, you can further reduce your fuel consumption. If, for example there is an accident or a road closure you can notify drivers to shut off the engine instead of idling. 

3. Theft Recovery:

Firstly thieves would avoid going after a vehicle that has GPS tracking because they know they can easily be caught. If they try to remove the truck tracking system, they would have to tear the vehicle apart just trying to find the device, which can take several hours, so that is not feasible. 

Moreover, modern GPS technologies allow you to set perimeters like geofencing for your vehicle. So if your vehicle is operating outside the set perimeter, you will be notified. In certain GPS trackers, vehicles can also be shut down after crossing the geofence. 

4. Better Customer Service:

More than often, customers will ask about the progress of their loads. They will want to know the estimated time of arrival. Companies without GPS tracking will have to call their customers and drivers back and forth to provide that information. More than often, drivers are also not completely honest about their exact location.

When you have a truck tracking GPS system, you can easily track the location and estimate the time of arrival. Moreover, since the data is in real-time, you can also notify your customers about any delays. Certain GPS Softwares allow live sharing links, which lets your customers track their loads from their smartphones. 

When you give your customers accurate ETA’s and provide them with exactly what you promise, you improve your customer relations and increase the chances of them partnering with you in the long run. 

5. Track Driver Behavior:

The driving habits of your drivers can make a huge difference to your overall profits. Rash driving results in more accidents and increased fuel consumption. It can be the reason for increased maintenance costs because of more wear and tear to the truck. 

When using truck-tracking GPS devices, you can easily track your driver's driving habits. If you see repeated violations, you can contact your drivers to tell them to go easy. When your drivers know they are being tracked, they will also drive better. 

Certain GPS tracking devices for trucks also come with built-in accelerometers, gyroscopes, and driver apps. These technologies also notify drivers about what they are doing wrong while driving. 

6. Better Productivity:

When you collect data through GPS, you can easily see who your best drivers are, and you can also have an idea of where you deliver most of your loads. You can easily track where your vehicles spend most of their time; perhaps loading takes up too much time or going through specific routes. 

You can use this data to increase productivity by changing a few things. If, for example, loading takes too much time, you can utilize machinery to help, or if some routes are causing issues with your vehicles, you can find alternative routes. If your driver takes a wrong turn, you can let them know asap to correct their path. 

If you pick up most of your loads from a specific location, then maybe an extension of your business in that area will save more cost. 

7. Reduce Cost of Insurance:

When applying for insurance, you will see that trucking companies that use GPS tracking systems for their semi trucks receive special discounts for those vehicles. These discounts can be as much as 35%; this reason alone makes GPS tracking very enticing. 

8. Better Safety Standards:

Most GPS have built-in accelerometers & gyroscopes, that track driving behavior patterns and looks for abnormalities like harsh cornering, harsh braking, and general poor driving habits. They also notify fleet managers and drivers when this occurs. So you can contact your drivers to know the reason why; perhaps it happened because of driver fatigue, bad weather conditions, or a general lack of concentration.

If, in case god forbid, an accident does occur, you will have the real-time location of your drivers and can accurately let emergency services know about the exact location of the accident. 

Utilize LoadStop with GPS Integrations

LoadStop provides seamless ELD integrations and supports GPS tracking while providing ways to automatically utilize that information in scalable and usable forms. LoadStop integrations allow you to track your drivers, loads, and trucks anytime from anywhere on a single window. If you are a fleet owner or manager, or can influence the decision-makers, you absolutely need to book a demo. 20 minutes of your time, might change your trucking business for the better!

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