Revving Up Solutions: Tackling Holiday Manpower Shortages in Trucking

The holiday season brings joy, warmth, and festivities to people worldwide. However, it also ushers in unique challenges, especially for businesses. Staffing issues, particularly in the trucking industry, seem to intensify during this time. According to statistics, holiday staffing challenges are pervasive across all sectors, with businesses grappling to meet the soaring demand for goods.

"Holiday staffing is a make-or-break scenario for supply chains. Ensuring a seamless operation during this period can be the difference between success and failure." - John SupplyChain, CEO of SupplyCo.

Let's dive into the intricate art of handling the holiday staffing conundrum in the trucking industry, a sector that stands as the backbone of supply chains. We'll explore strategies to address the problem and unveil how a Transportation Management System (TMS) can be the guardian angel that steers your trucking company through these rough waters.

1. Leveraging Technology

Holiday staffing can strain your resources, with a surge in demand, leaving you scrambling to find additional personnel.

Juggling between managing existing staff and finding new recruits can lead to operational inefficiencies, delays, and compromised customer satisfaction.

Embrace technology, such as a TMS, which offers automation of various processes, from order management to route optimization. A TMS streamlines operations and can often do the work of several employees, making holiday staffing transitions smoother.

2. Encourage Work from Home

During the holidays, working remotely can be a logistical challenge, especially in the transportation industry.

Your staff might be hesitant to work during the holidays if they cannot be with their families.

Implement technology that supports remote work, such as cloud-based TMS solutions. This allows your employees to perform critical tasks from the comfort of their homes while staying connected and ensuring smooth operations.

3. Collaborate with Other Carriers

Many trucking companies face similar staffing issues during the holidays.

Going it alone can lead to an exhausting recruitment race and limited access to available drivers.

Collaborate with other carriers through a shared platform provided by some TMS software. This enables you to pool resources and alleviate the staffing challenge collectively.

4. Utilize Contract Workers from Other Parts of the World

Finding local talent can be challenging when competing with various industries for the same labor pool.

Over-reliance on local talent can lead to unmet demand and potential delays.

Tap into contract workers in other parts of the world. A TMS that integrates global workforce management can help you access a broader pool of drivers to address holiday staffing shortages.

5. Offer Incentives

Attracting and retaining talent during the holidays can be financially straining.

The financial burden of offering competitive incentives can squeeze your profit margins.

A TMS can help you optimize your operations and identify cost savings, allowing you to offer enticing incentives without compromising your bottom line.

6. Automation is the Key

Manual processes during the holidays can lead to errors and operational hiccups.

The additional stress on your workforce, along with the need for extensive manual work, can result in a less efficient operation.

Incorporate automation through your TMS. From load tracking to invoicing, automation ensures accuracy and saves time, reducing reliance on additional staff during the holiday season.


The holiday staffing challenges that trucking companies face are multifaceted, but with the right strategies and the integration of a powerful TMS, they can be navigated successfully. In the trucking industry, where supply chains rely on impeccable logistics, utilizing technology and innovative approaches can make a significant difference during this demanding time. 

Remember, it's not just about winning the game; it's about playing it right. So, prepare your trucking company to thrive this holiday season, rather than just survive it

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Sara Naveed is a creative and digital content writer who uses her creative skills to develop and edit professional web content. Being a writer has always been her dream. She earnestly hopes people appreciate her writing—an asset she deeply covets. Using her 8+ years of working experience, she writes for trucking industry experts who are always looking for better technological solutions to their problems.

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