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Improved Customer Satisfaction
Enhanced Operational Efficiency
Increased Bottomline

Gillson Trucking Inc

“If the trucking companies need to grow and are looking for a single TMS to handle the majority of their workload, LoadStop is the solution for them.”

Harsimran Singh

“If the trucking companies need to grow and are looking for a single TMS to handle the majority of their workload, LoadStop is the solution for them.”

Harsimran Singh
CEO, Gillson Trucking Inc.

Hauling Loads for the fortune 500 companies directly, Gillson Trucking is known for delivering best possible solutions and hassle-free services. The carrier offers flexibility and caters to its customers’ very specific shipping needs.

The Challenges

Upholding transparency and customer satisfaction are the two main reasons behind Gillson Trucking’s strong market presence. However, as the company experienced growth, massive influx of loads also created new challenges such as;

Lack Of Load Visibility: The company didn't have a reliable real-time tracking system in place that would help them pass on reliable information to their customers. The carrier was looking for a solution that would give them more control over their fleet, loads, drivers and information.

Communication Issues With The Drivers: Poor communication with the drivers and a lot of administrative work at their disposal hurt driver productivity and created blockers in information flow. The carrier wanted to empower its drivers with technology that would make them more productive and boost job satisfaction.

Ever-Increasing Manual Labor: Increased business was complicating the daily operations for the employees. Most of the time was consumed by mundane and redundant tasks, costing time and money. The carrier wanted a service that would automate processes and simplify things with one-click solutions.

“One of the difficulties we had experienced was constant updates on the location of shipment, temperature checks, and ETA. It was very difficult even with the 24/7 availability of dispatch support to give those updates when the driver was either trying to rest, taking a break, or driving in poor road conditions,’’

The LoadStop Solution

The team at LS was very confident that the LoadStop TMS can simplify things for an enterprise-level trucking company such as Gillson.

Here are the features that proved to be of great assistance and value to the client.

Real-Time Load Tracking: Being a cloud-based TMS, LoadStop provides real-time and end-to-end visibility of the fleet and shipments. With seamless ELD integrations, Gillson was able to track the location of the drivers, trucks, and loads anytime, anywhere from a single window.

Moreover, the customizable status update method allowed Gillson Trucking to keep their customers informed. The client was able to send shipment updates to their customers either automatically, or manually through the system.

Driver App: The LoadStop’s driver app that comes along with the TMS offers real-time driver to dispatch chat. It allowed drivers to respond to all the queries and keep the dispatcher posted with road conditions, short breaks, and all other important information.

The feature-rich application also cuts down the paperwork and administrative tasks at the driver's end. For instance, drivers can upload the BOL/POD before leaving the receiver location, submit detention requests for approval from dispatchers, and a lot more. Gillson’s drivers were now able to communicate authentic and reliable information in real-time with minimal hassle.

Simplified & Automated Dispatch Management: LoadStop’s advanced dispatch management module helped Gillson Trucking run their business with greater efficiency and minimal resources. The cutting-edge technology allowed the client to manage and monitor fleet planning, and driver scheduling.

With the comprehensive module, Gillson Trucking was able to automate redundant daily activities, saving time and resources across the entire organization. One-Click solutions simplified processes and saved time. The module also ensured greater transparency and increased operational visibility.

The Results

Gillson Trucking moved its fleet operations to LoadStop and soon the impact could be felt across the entire organization.

Transparency & Customer Satisfaction: With the shipment alerts being sent on an hourly basis and reliable ETAs, the Gillson Trucking’s client’s had now total faith in their carrier and were ready to trust them with more business.

Improved Driver Productivity And Satisfaction: The driver app made the driver’s life on the road much easier. The communications gaps were eliminated and drivers were more satisfied and productive as LoadStop simplified the tedious and time-consuming processes.

Increased Bottomline: The smart dispatching module automated tasks and saved time for the entire organization. The employees were able to engage more in more customer-related interactions and give more time to employees seeking help. The money saved was utilized for any additional expenses on trucks and trailers.

Simplified Accounting: Integrations with Netsuite and QuickBooks allowed Gillson to track and monitor the financial side of the business within LoadStop. Gillsons enjoyed simplified billing, invoicing, and driver settlements.

“There are various reasons for choosing your brand over others – our company was looking for TMS system to be like one umbrella for all departments.”

Case Info

CEO: Harsimran Singh

Year Founded: 2011

Business Type: Asset Based Transportation Company

Trucks: 300

Trailors: 350

Miles Driven: 90

Satisfied Clients: 100

Service Scope: Long and short freight transportation and logistics services across the 48 contiguous states.

LoadStop X Gillson Trucking The Future

The Gillson experience with LoadStop has been so great that the company chose to move their entire operations to LoadStop TMS and retire their legacy TMS system

Our experience working with the visionary people over Gillsons was equally valuable, and we are now in a long-term partnership. We are looking to partner with more enterprise-level trucking companies.

“I would recommend Load Stop as a one-stop TMS solution for transportation companies that are looking for quality and growing their customer base,”

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Gillson Trucking Inc

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